“MAKE EVERY BITE COUNT” PROGRAM: 1:1 Virtual Nutrition + Health Coaching Sessions

I’m happy you found me. You might be here because you are tired of yo-yo diets that never work. You have low energy with no motivation, or perhaps you need guidance in choosing the right foods for your body’s needs.

Are you feeling restricted and deprived from avoiding the foods you love? Do you find yourself eating mindlessly or when under stress? Not sure how many meals you should be eating in a day?

Meet me online via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone for 5 or 10 X 60 minute appointments to put a personalized plan in place for long-term results: This program teaches you to develop and break down goals so they are achievable. It teaches you to make conscious choices around mindful eating, to make every bite count. And, it shows you how to fire up your metabolism to burn fat instead of storing it.

Here is what our first 5 appointments might look like: (note that order of sessions might vary depending on your wellness goals)


We review your initial diet diary, intake forms, symptoms, medical history, lab test results, doctor’s orders

Current diet, medications and supplements

Your wellness goals (we begin to craft this together)

We discuss the program details and my 6 Golden Rules

You are given a few takeaways and accountability homework to get your wellness journey started right away


Food: & Mood Live Presentation: discover your triggers around your food choices, how to eat intuitively, and how to balance hormones, metabolism and mood through the right food choices

Start a Wellness Journal to track goals and diet diary

Emailed copies of goal setting worksheet and diet + lifestyle template


We put a plan in place with a list of foods to include, and foods to avoid, plus supplements

Discover what your optimal balanced meal will look like

We discuss meal planning, meal prep tips and grocery shopping

We map out the next steps in reaching your goals


Accountability and check-in session to review your diet diary from the previous week

A fitness and holistic lifestyle plan is created


Accountability and check-in session to review your diet diary from the previous week

We discuss the tools in your toolbox to keep moving forward in a healthy manner, without needing to diet again


A continuation of accountability, goal setting, and nutrition education to keep your wellness journey on track.

YOUR WELLNESS JOURNEY STARTS HERE Fill in a week’s worth of your current meals, fluids, and fitness and email it back to me. No judgement, this diet diary is an extension of your intake forms, and is simply for me to get a snapshot of your likes, dislikes, routine and habits. Download a copy here.

INVESTMENT: Purchase a set of 5 x 1 hour appointments to keep your goals within reach. $495 CAD/five sessions, or $900 CAD/ten sessions if you book them in advance. Contact me to schedule your appointments. You will be contacted for payment prior to your scheduled sessions.

5 Sessions
  • ($99/session)
10 Sessions
  • ($90/session)


Vancouver Workplace Wellness / Corporate Lunch n' Learn seminars

Studies have shown that a workplace wellness program can:

  • Reduce the number of absences
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Build a happier workplace environment
  • Encourage teamwork, support and collaboration
  • Inspire employees to take better care of themselves while at work and off
  • learn more about the measurable benefits of a workplace wellness program here

All through learning the ins and outs of proper nutrition, stress reduction and holistic health-boosting techniques that benefit the mind and body, you can improve your health and performance while at work.

Below are the various topics that I can bring in to your office, team building event or corporate retreat. These seminars can be booked individually or as a 6 part series at a discounted rate. Each class runs 60-75 minutes and a digital copy of my Healthy Little Bites recipe book will be emailed to all participants after the program. Some corporations I have presented my Workplace Wellness and Green Living seminars to are Inspire Health, Sterling Fence Co, UFCW union workers for Safeway Canada, Sobey’s and Kroger Foods, Capilano Community Services Society, Yyoga Vancouver, Fasken Law, and Nature’s Fare Markets.

“Thank you for showing us the tools we need on a daily basis. I never knew the power of meditation!” 

“Your presentation was full of solid info that is easy to action.  The 4 ‘M’s approach provided a lot of value and for me personally, the 2nd ‘M’ – having a mantra, is one I’ve taken away and added to my own well being routine.”.  

Participant testimonials
  • NUTRITION 101: THE BASICS: Confused about how food works in the body? We will go over how to read a nutrition label, how to combine foods for optimal digestion, essential nutrients to build balanced meals and more.
  • WELLNESS IN YOUR OWN WORKPLACE: Let’s brainstorm together on ways to make your workplace environment more healthy. Is it a walking meeting? Maybe it’s a lunchroom vision board, an office challenge, or recipe binder. We will review ways to get all employees on board to green your office as a group. This class also allows for a 30min light outdoor exercise class. Bring a water bottle, towel and proper footwear.
  • SETTING WELLNESS GOALS: Ever wonder why it’s so hard to stick to those New Year resolutions? Let’s define your wellness goal and break it down so it is realistic and attainable. Healthy, long term habits start here!
  • BOOSTING IMMUNITY THROUGH NUTRITION: Here, we discuss the different types of illnesses that hit the office, how to protect yourself and boost immunity, naturally, through nutrition.
  • BEYOND BAGELS: A HEALTHIER COFFEE BREAK: Make the most of your coffee breaks by learning which foods literally fuel your brain, stretches that wake up your body, mindful exercises and 5 minute meditation to ease stress, and discover ways to rejuvenate without coffee and sugary snacks.
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What can you eat to optimize brain function? Learn about specific foods and supplements that enhance the structure of brain cells, lead to improved memory and performance. Plus, learn about which foods and lifestyle factors to avoid that can lead to cellular damage and memory loss.
  • SAY NO TO SUGAR: Learn about the sugar addiction cycle, ways to beat it, and healthy alternatives to sugary snacks to fuel your brain and optimize energy through your work day.
  • NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTERS: Beat the mid-day slump by setting yourself up with the right breakfast and snacks. We will analyze common breakfast foods, share healthy recipes, and talk about ways to sneak in some exercise while at work. This class also allows for a 30min light exercise class. Bring a water bottle, towel and proper footwear.

The recipes were a nice variety…the program was well laid out! I was mostly impressed with what you got for what you paid” 

a happy client


Ramp up your Restaurant menu to include ingredients that truly count. Discover ways to

  • offer gluten-free options that taste great
  • include Ayurvedic principles
  • add plant-based, vegan or vegetarian options
  • substitute trans fats with anti-inflammatory omegas
  • add healthy desserts that are free from refined sugar
  • include protein-rich or low-carb meals for specific diets
  • ramp up your menu descriptions to catch the attention of healthy customers
  • be more environmentally friendly with take-out packaging
  • create mindful portions

Let’s work together to transform your menu into one that serves allergies, intolerances, healthy choices, mindful practices, and wholesome ingredients that nourish the body and mind. Learn how ingredients work in the body so you can better market your business to a healthy clientelle.

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