Creating a Sacred Space at Home During Covid -19 Self-isolation

EPIC SPACES AT HOME | Since we are socially distancing, self isolating, and quarantining, making our home feel happy and safe has never been more important.

Speaking to my designer friends, home decor sales have gone through the roof these past few months. Some are full-on renovating, some are freshening up their spaces with paint and some are planting a garden (me!).

The fun part is that you can up-cycle what you already have in your house, turning an old thing that you never use into a new creation. It’s pretty much a crafters dream (again, me!).

But, if you want to make some little changes around the house that make a big impact while we live through this pandemic, consider:

🧘🏽Making a zen corner to de-stress with oversized pillows, beeswax candles, a couple of your fave reads, a journal and some headphones to listen to a guided meditation .

🌿Planting a live garden wall using crates or wooden pallets from a furniture delivery. I’ve seen these filled with little strawberry plants and what’s better than picking strawberries for your salad right from your own living room wall? Check out this tutorial for some ideas.

🗄 Brightening up your home office for those zoom meetings with fresh blooms, good lighting, and a clean bookshelf (aka zoom background). Take everything off and start over to declutter and display just a few of your favourite things. BHG has some great ideas for organizing all kinds of bookshelves.

🎨Painting a feature wall with a happy, calming colour like baby yellow, blush (pretend it’s a glass of rosé ), lilac, sage green, or pistachio. Then, compliment it with a big bouquet of flowers from your garden and a mirror. House Beautiful has some inspirational feature wall ideas.

Have you been feeling like a change is due around the house? What are your plans to beautify your space? Share them with us on social!

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