7 Day Nutrition Challenge | High Protein Breakfasts

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Why a challenge? This is a chance to experiment with new recipes, watch for changes in your energy levels and satiety, and discover shifts in your metabolism.

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This challenge asks you to switch up your usual carby breakfasts for those that are a protein-focus. Unlike carbohydrates, protein does not spike your blood glucose levels. When blood glucose is high, insulin is doing it’s job at bringing those levels down. During high insulin, other hormones are suppressed, and so is the body’s ability to burn fat.

Without challenge, there is no change.

Those carby breakfasts don’t seem to sustain many for long. After a bowl of sugary cereal, or flavoured yogurt with berries and granola, you’re likely to be hangry again an hour later. Why do we eat these carby options? They are convenient breakfast foods, and with so many of us rushing out the door (or, in the case of Covid, rushing to our first Zoom meeting) in the morning, convenience is our jam. Also, if we don’t sleep well and wake up a little groggy, our brain looks for carbs for a quick burst of energy. It can be a vicious cycle of cravings for more sugar.

Challenge yourself to a week of protein breakfasts. Watch your sugar cravings subside, feel your energy levels increase, and discover how you are better sustained between meals. How much protein you need depends on a few variables, like your activity level, gender, age and weight. Generally, most aim to get in 20 grams of protein per meal.Here is a list of high-protein breakfasts to choose from, all Nutritionist-approved.

Did you try this challenge? Tell us about any changes in your cravings, satiety and energy levels. We are about to try a new nutrition challenge every week for 3 months in the Fall 2020 edition of BITE CLUB group nutrition coaching program. Get your name on the list!

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