5 DIY Herbal Skin Care Recipes to Help Ease Stress and Anxiety

The cortisol and adrenaline have been on high alert lately as we try to survive and adjust our lifestyle through a pandemic. These important hormones get called to action when a stressful situation arises. While these hormones take first position to handle stress, our other hormones and body systems get pushed aside. This means our digestion is off, immune system is suppressed, sleep cycle is disturbed, and fat is stored as a survival mechanism.

To bring our stress hormones down, we need to practice some self care. Meditation, deep breathing, journalling, dancing, and laughing are all on the prescription. Playing around in the herb garden is on the top of my list, as I harvest some nourishing herbs for salads and my at-home spa. Even if you are not a DIY-type, some herbs work well as relaxing teas or simmered on the stove top for some seriously soothing aromatherapy.

The next time you are planning your garden, include some of these plants to use in your daily self care routine:

Lavender | Internally, Lavender helps to calm the mind, ease insomnia, soothe headaches, and relieve anxiety. Topically, this herb helps to reduce inflammation, skin irritations and acne.

Rose | Internally, Rose is mood boosting and helps to boost collagen production in the skin as it is high in vitamin C.

Rosemary | Internally, Rosemary is uplifting and helps to sharpen memory.

Chamomile | Internally, Chamomile is relaxing and calming. Topically, it helps to soothe inflamed skin and is antibacterial.

Mint | Internally, Mint is uplifting and helps to soothe an upset stomach. Topically, Mint is cooling and works wonders on sore muscles.

Some ingredients to mix with herbs are epsom salts, carrier oils like grapeseed, apricot kernel and jojoba, and butters like coconut and shea. Try these easy, clean, soothing and naturally healing recipes from around the web, using fresh and dried herbs that you can easily grow in your own garden:

  1. Floral Facial Steam by No Fuss Natural, using lavender, rose and chamomile
  2. Soothing Herbal Foot Soak by Kami McBride for Mountain Rose Herbs, using mint, rose and lemonbalm
  3. Solar Infused Herbal OIl by Wellness Mama, using the sunshine and a variety of dried herbs
  4. Luxurious Tangerine and Rose Sugar Scrub by Body Unburdened, using tangerine oil, rose petals and sugar
  5. Rosemary Lavender Bath Salts by us!, using epsom salt, lavender and fresh rosemary
Photo by Nika Akin on Pexels.com

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