Smoothies are convenient, quick, easy and healthy. Yet, I’ve heard from some that they “don’t feel full”, or are “hungry again in an hour”. The reason? Not enough protein and fat.

Many get complicated with their smoothie, adding in 5 different fruits, 3 different super seeds, and protein powders. This can be quite difficult to digest. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I believe simple is best.

The protein and fat are going to slow down the glucose uptake from the sugar in fruit. This means that you’ll still get some beautiful energy from your smoothie, but it will be a lasting energy that keeps you full for longer. A smoothie built just on fruit alone is basically dessert.

There is actually a “way” to build a smoothie IF you want it to keep you full, nourished, and not spike your blood sugar like crazy so that you’re #hangry an hour later.

Once you choose your base, go through this list and try the hundreds of flavour combos that you can imagine. Choose fruits that are in season, try roasted, leftover veggies, and try adding herbs and spices to mix things up.
The key is to include the fat, protein and fibre. Without these (like, just a smoothie full of fruit), you’ll end up hungry again once you’ve burned it off.

STEP 1: Choose your base, usually 1 cup

STEP 2: Choose a protein. This helps regulate blood sugar and provides the building blocks your body needs to grow and heal

STEP 3: Choose a fat, just a small amount like a Tablespoon or handful. This keeps you full longer and provides nourishment for hair, skin, and hormone production

STEP 4: Choose 2 veggies. This gives you the fibre to help clean out your body, plus all the vitamins and minerals you need on a regular basis

STEP 5: Superpower your smoothie with herbs, spices, and healtlhy omega 3’s for blood sugar regulation, satiety, extra protein, hair, skin and hormones

And, here’s a meal prep tip: prepare your smoothie ingredients in single serve freezer bags or containers, adding in everything you plan to use, except the liquid base. On a busy morning, grab a bag from the freezer, add it to your blender along with your liquid base, blend and go!

Okay, your turn…what’s the smoothie combo going to be today?

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