3 Homemade Seasonings That Will Kick Up Any Dish – Without the Added Preservatives, Gluten or Sugar!

There is something about homemade seasonings. They are free from all the additives, hidden sugar, sodium and gluten that store-bought seasonings often contain. Who needs added sugar and salt? Not us.

We’ve rounded up some of our fave homemade seasonings that you can add to grilled meats, roasted veggies, fried tofu and fish. Gather up your pantry staples, open up that spice cupboard, and let’s see what you can put together today.

EVERYTHING BAGEL SPICE: A blend of sesame and poppy seeds provide major plant-based calcium and zinc. Combine these with sea salt, dried garlic and onion, and you’ve pretty much got the seasoning of your dreams. A girlfriend of mine recently made her own crackers with this seasoning and….oh, my. Two Peas and Their Pod lays out a simple recipe here.

JERK SPICE: If you’re up for dinner with a kick, this recipe is one of our faves. We’ve made this recipe with chicken thighs, but salmon, cauliflower steaks or tofu would be great vegetarian options. Try it on the bbq this summer and impress your guests (and yourself). Serve it with Caribbean rice and mango salsa to balance out the heat. Thumbs up.

CHAI SPICE: This isn’t just a warm winter cozy essential. Chai spice is packed with ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, they get blood circulating, and they boost your immune system. So, you can pretty much benefit from Chai spice on the daily. I add it to bliss balls, warm coconut milk, and overnight oats. Minimalist Baker has a beautiful, caffeine-free recipe here.

What are your go-to seasoning blends and what dishes do you use them in?

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