Quick and Easy 5 Ingredient Meals

When I work with clients who deal with digestive issues, my first recommendation is to simplify. By this, I mean keep the ingredients in your meals to a minimum. This makes a little less work for your enzymes when breaking down food, and it also allows you to pinpoint any trigger ingredients that might be causing your tummy troubles.

Another fabulous reason to simplify is ease of stress! Cooking can be alot, and if your pantry doesn’t look like a grocery store, then you have to get creative. Some of my favourite meals are ones that I happen to have all the ingredients for, on hand. Here are some of my go-to, 5 ingredient recipes. The best part is many of these you can substitute different veggies and protein for, depending on what you have on hand, or simply prefer.

Thai noodle soup with salmon: calls for rice noodles, salmon, coconut milk, curry paste, bok choy

Vegan creamy mushroom pasta: calls for nutritional yeast, pasta, mushrooms, garlic, cashews

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili: calls for black beans, salsa, veggie stock, sweet potato, onion

Lentil Lasagna: calls for a can of lentils, tomato soup, lasagna noodles, cheese, pesto

Peanut butter and jelly smoothie: calls for peanut butter, almond milk, protein powder, strawberries, raspberries

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