Beyond Eating, Drinking & Stockpiling Toilet paper: 25 Things to do While in #COVID-19 isolation

I am compiling this list for you, but mostly me, so I can always have something to refer to when I feel like I am losing it. We are officially ordered to socially isolate, avoid going to restaurants, gatherings, movies, and anywhere groups might gather. What a weird time this is! We have never seen anything like this and I hope we don’t again….although we might be a little more prepared if we do.

Some things are still not banned and I have added a few good handfuls of them here:

  1. Make a playlist, or a few, of your fave tunes and have a kitchen dance party
  2. Get out the cards and board games and refresh your memory. Better yet, create your own!
  3. Puzzles. They’ll keep you (and the kids) busy for hours
  4. Make a photo book online. Click, order and have it delivered
  5. Start working on homemade gifts, like family calendars, or create recipes for homemade skin care
  6. Try meal planning! Gather ideas 3-5 main meals, a couple snacks, and make a plan for the week using the ingredients you have on hand. There will be much less food waste when you plan ahead
  7. Plant some herbs and veggies
  8. Make a mini business plan for that side hustle that you’ve been fantasizing about but never had the time to put your thoughts to paper
  9. Make a recipe binder of your fave muffin, bliss ball, dinner and salad dressing recipes
  10. If you see sun, get outside. Large, open spaces are still safe and we need the vitamin D for our mental well-being
  11. Spend quality time with your pets. I don’t know about you, but my dog is thrilled that I’m home all day now
  12. Find some ways to keep moving. YouTube and many fitness websites are taking their classes online. Exercise reduces stress and keeps us calm
  13. Start a gratitude journal. Write down at least one thing you were grateful for each day. This will keep us feeling positive and smiling
  14. Write a poem. Research different styles of poetry and find one that suits your creative flow
  15. Make a craft station and get out all your paper, paints, glue, beads…Maybe you enjoy making jewellery, maybe you’re a Picasso and you never knew it
  16. Create a vision board for the rest of 2020. Get out your old magazines, photos, scissors, markers and glue. Arrange pictures, sayings, and words, anything that inspires you, on the board. Think, “what do I want in 2020?”. Include travel destinations, relationship goals, quotes, professional and personal dreams
  17. Organize a virtual dinner party. Invite your friends and family to have dinner with you. Set up your laptop, log on to Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or any platform that you can meet as a group
  18. Make a financial budget and get yourself organized. Many of us are out of work for the time being. Many of us will suffer from financial hardships because of this global health crisis and shutdown. To reduce stress, write out your new budget based on what your finances are looking like for the next couple of months. Where can you cut corners to compensate for losses?
  19. Call your neighbour and check in
  20. Organize your spice cupboard. Might not sound fun, but it will feel really great once it’s done
  21. Start a meditation practice. Maybe it’s every morning before you get out of bed, maybe it’s every night before you go to sleep, even a few minutes to clear the mind will help keep you grounded and more calm
  22. Go through your bookshelf and start that book you’ve been keeping for your next beach vacay
  23. Set time boundaries. If you are working from home, make sure you punch in and out, get out of your pj’s, and make it a real work day, with breaks!
  24. Bring the outdoors in. Plants, flowers, open windows will all help you feel less cooped up
  25. Learn something new. Online courses offer languages, health and wellness, painting techniques, even a style of cooking you’ve always wanted to learn

Whatever you choose, I believe it’s important to keep a routine, and keep smiling. We’ve got this.

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