{LIVE} ONLINE COURSE: Women’s Wellness

Hormones, weight management, body image, body love, beauty products, aging gracefully, nutrition, and stress management, oh my!

About this Event

Join Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach, Jen Casey, online (via Zoom) for 4 online modules focusing on women’s health, including

HORMONES: what affects them, how to balance them through nutrition and lifestyle. We have many hormones at play all at once. Join the conversation around seed cycling, phytoestrogens, xenoestrogens, and foods that increase specific hormone production.

CLEAN, GREEN BEAUTY: Our skin is our body’s largest organ, so what we put ON it will end up into our bloodstream and fat cells, which is where we store toxins. Learn about my top 10 ingredients to avoid, plus healthy alternatives to watch out for in your pantry.

SKIN, HAIR + NAILS: Learn which foods and supplements support the health and integrity of your connective tissue. Yes, we CAN support our collagen production!

STRESS REDUCTION: We all have stress in our lives and we can rarely get rid of it. HOW we manage the stress is most important. In this module, we touch on some tools for self care, grounding techniques and gratitude to help us better manage life’s stresses.

STARTS: Saturday, April 25, 9am PST. Each online meeting is aprox 1 hour long and runs for 4 consecutive Saturdays. Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions and the meeting ID# so you can get set up. Stay in your pj’s, grab a cup of coffee, a notebook and pen, and join other women is this fun, gentle conversation around our health and wellness. $195 or limited tickets available at $155 (early bird pricing). That works out to $40/session!

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