A Holistic Workshop of Your Dreams ~ April 26, 2020

Discover, create and manifest all your dreams in one intensive workshop with Jen Casey, CNP and Health Coach.

Over the course of 1 afternoon together, you will:

Set Sustainable Wellness Goals for yourself. Learn how to define your goal and break it down into an achievable one that you will actually stick to.

Learn how to meal plan like a pro. Discover the tips and tricks that go into setting yourself up with healthy meals and snacks for the week, that save you time, stress and dollars.

Learn that self care is not selfish. You will implement holistic tools for managing stress, calming your mind, and showing yourself the power of self love. You will create a personal mantra, meditate, brainstorm and journal.

Included is a variety of healthy, plant-based snacks, a journal, worksheets and handouts.

Join Jen Casey at a New Westminster venue (a private residence TBA) on Sunday, April 26, 2020, 10-2pm, for this afternoon of discovery, creation and manifestation.

Dreams DO come true!

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