The Best Chewy, No-bake Protein Bars

Are protein bars the new bliss balls? They are around here!

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If you are like me, you are a snacker. I don’t snack late at night and I don’t snack on foods that make me just crave more sugar. I snack on healthy fats and protein – the two nutrients that regulate blood sugar, keep me full, help to synthesize and balance my hormones, and provide the building blocks I need to keep energized and refuel.

What are snacks made of healthy fats and protein? Nuts, seeds, almond butter, avocado, coconut, plus these chewy, no bake bars! They contain all of my favourite healthy ingredients, they do not involve turning on the stove, and just a little square should satisfy your cravings.  I share this recipe in my holistic wellness seminars and workplace wellness talks, because they make the perfect coffee break snack to keep you fuelled, minus the coffee jitters.

no bake protein bars
The best chewy, no-bake protein bars

My food processor just broke, so I made these by chopping the nuts and dried fruit by hand. But, if you have one, get it out and add all these ingredients to it:

3/4 C cashews

1/4 C pecans

1/4 C honey

1/2 C dried fruit (cranberries, blueberries, dates, apricots…)

1/2 C almond butter (or nut butter of choice)

pinch of sea salt

2 Tbsp raw cacao powder

Chop or pulse the mixture until it’s all in little pieces and starts to stick together. I like to leave the nuts on the chunkier side. If you do not have a food processor, chop the nuts and dried fruit by hand and combine these with the rest of the ingredients in a big bowl. Get in there with your hands and mix the ingredients until all are blended and the mixture turns into a sticky “dough-like” consistency.

Line a small square dish (the size of the dish will determine how thick or thin the bars will be) with parchment paper or plastic wrap, and firmly press in the mixture with your hands. You can also use the bottom of a glass to really press it all down. Refrigerate for a half hour, remove the solid mixture and cut into squares. Keep refrigerated or frozen until ready to eat.

Try these bars? Upload your photo and tag us on social media. Let us know what you think! For more healthy snacks, grab a copy of my 16 page, Nutritionist-approved, sugar-free recipe book here.


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