Freakin’ Amazing High Protein Carrot Cake Bites

As a Nutritionist and mom, I’m always trying to optimize the veggie intake. I sneak zucchini into smoothies, pureed squash into quesadillas, and now carrots into bliss balls.

Every week, as part of my meal prep, I make a big batch of bliss balls, aka protein bites. They’re the perfect post-workout snack while I’m getting dinner ready, the best after-school-snack for kids, and my preferred mid-day coffee break pick-me-up. Is that enough reasons?

It’s come to the point where I don’t measure ingredients for my bliss balls, that’s how often I make them. As long as there is a good ratio of wet to dry ingredients, the combinations are endless. I alternate between chia seeds, hemp hearts, ground flax, oats, nuts, dates, coconut and cacao…and blend them with different nut butters, or seed butters for a nut-free option, melted coconut, honey and maple syrup.

Today, I played around with a carrot cake flavour, adding in grated carrot and all the spices that go along with it. I ran a poll on Instagram and 71% of those who voted were against raisins in their carrot cake! I’m a huge fan of raisins, but I subbed them for dates in this recipe. By all means, add raisins if you like!

This recipe is high in fibre, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, plant-based protein and taste.

carrot cake 4

Equipment needed:

blender or food processor

stainless or glass bowl

measuring spoons/cup



1 C rolled oats (slow cooking, not quick)

3/4 C unsalted cashews (almonds would work, too)

3/4 C carrots, grated (2 large carrots)

1/2 C almond butter

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg

pinch of cloves

5 pitted dates, finely chopped (or raisins!)

1/4 C shredded coconut + more for rolling

1/4 C hemp heart seeds

2 Tbsp raw honey


Blend up the oats and cashews until they are a fairly fine flour. Transfer them to a bowl.

carrot cake flour

Add in all other ingredients and stir. Then, get in there with your hands and combine it all until it all sticks together like dough.

Roll it into small, bite-sized balls, then roll in shredded coconut (optional). My daughter wanted to roll them in a glaze of icing sugar and milk, lol. Although that’s not on the nutrition plan, it’s probably delicious.

carrot cake 3

Keep refrigerated for up to 5-6 days. These also freeze well.

Makes aprox 24 balls.

carrot cake 4

Try this recipe and let me know what you think! Tag me on social so I can see how it went. Enjoy!

Jen Casey, CNP

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