Do You Need a Health Coach? Here Are 6 Scenarios To Get You Thinking

Can you think of anything more important than your own health and wellness? Even if you are a parent, you might put your child first. But, if you aren’t healthy, how can you be the best parent you can be?

Many do not realize they need the support from a Health Coach. As a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach, I spend a lot of my time convincing people how they can benefit from my services. Just as you might have a Naturopath or MD that you go to for advice and medicine, or a chiropractor for your back, or a masseuse for sore muscles, a Health Coach is there to support you in getting well- in all aspects of your health. The advice from your other health care practitioners is just redundant if you don’t make the necessary changes or get to the root of the original problem. All that collaborative advice needs support in order for you to reach your optimal wellness. Here are 6 scenarios that might indicate you could consider working with a Health Coach:

“In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired”

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  1. You have been told by your MD or Naturopath that you need to lower your cholesterol, or lose 30 pounds to keep your bones and heart healthy, or focus more on self care and stress reduction. Great! But, now what? A Health Coach takes this information, helps break it down for you and supports you in reaching these health goals.
  2. You want to use your time more wisely by meal planning, prepping, cooking minimally, but have no idea where to start. A Health Coach can help you plan a healthy menu to suit your dietary needs, show you what to prep ahead of time, and help you use your valuable time more wisely.
  3. Your wellness goals seem giant and you rarely follow through on those New Year resolutions that you set every year. Setting goals is the first step! A Health Coach can help break the goals down into small, achievable steps and support you in getting there.
  4. You cannot lose those 10-20 extra pounds no matter how hard you try. A Health Coach looks at your current diet and lifestyle and supports you with healthy swaps, fitness recommendations, ways to reduce stress and find balance. All these steps work together and lead to a healthy weight.
  5. You know what you need, you have the tools, but you don’t have the support at home. A Health Coach is your go-to for daily check-ins, feedback, and most important, accountability.
  6. You have tried every diet under the sun and always gain the weight back. Secret: diets do not work long term. To maintain a healthy weight, you must commit to a lifestyle of proper nutrition, fitness, life balance, movement and self care. A Health Coach helps put the pieces together so you can work toward a healthy “forever” lifestyle and ditch the dieting for good!

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Consider your health and wellness something that you need to be working on daily. With the right tools, commitment and support, you and your Health Coach make a great team. Remember, YOU are number one.

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